Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A hardy Soul

I didn't see anyone biking, and the police car spinning out in front of my house didn't exactly encourage me to saddle up.
The Scientist forwarded this photo, snapped I think a bit west of Harvard Sq.

The snow is still coming hard and horizontal- it was really wet and slushy too. The end of my ponytail was dripping wet where it hung out of my hat while I was shoveling. 
It's lovely on all the trees, but I saw a lot of branches down and bowed over evergreens. I'm crossing my fingers about all our giant backyard trees.
Going over the Longfellow bridge on the empty train (no, I didn't get the day off- does that make me an essential employee?)  you could barely see the other side of the river- the snow was coming down so hard,  and you couldn't see the downtown buildings at all.


  1. I, too, had to come in - can't work from home with a crashed computer. Missed the commuter train, took the bus and the orange line into town. I saw one brave cyclist (possibly a courier) in the Leather District. Funny how plows, busses and cars seemed to come in equal quantities today.

  2. I eventually got a little stir crazy and remembered that I had to pick up some dry cleaning. The streets were somewhat slippery, so was a little slow, but it was still faster than walking (or shoveling my car out). I think I amused some folks who were digging out their driveways. Got a couple of friendly waves and one person asking if I had snow tires.

    "Well they're certainly covered in snow!"