Monday, January 17, 2011

Cabin Fever

I didn't end up riding to work today, although I thought about it for a good long minute.

I walked to the Scientist's building last night, retrieved Gilbert, and headed home, but it was still really gnarly riding, and I even fell over once (admittedly on a piece of unpaved path).  The Vassar street cycletrack was beautifully clear and wonderful to ride down,  especially compared to the gnarly icy streets.

One of my co-workers rode in today and was regretting it and planning on taking the train home.  He said he nearly wiped out twice, and it just didn't feel safe.

I'm afraid it's going to get worse before it gets better- predictions of freezing rain/ slush/ snow tomorrow doesn't sound like biking weather to me (nor like driving weather truth be told).

There's a chance it will warm up a bit and we'll get real rain on Wednesday,  so we'll see if that helps a bit.
Until then, I'm just going to have to resign myself to cabin fever..


  1. Sorry to hear about the fall - but it sound pretty mild?

    I rode on Saturday and yesterday; didn't feel safe at all. Not looking forward to the freezing rain either : (

  2. I've been changing my route to avoid Cambridge until I hear that the mess in Kendall has been cleared up -- swapping my usual route of Brattle St. and Broadway for Brighton Ave. and Comm Ave. It's a little more (ok, a lot more) traffic-ky but road conditions have been much clearer.

    I will admit to finding it a little dispirting to wake up to more snow this morning. But I'm not quite ready to deal with the bus, yet.

  3. I rode this morning, and it was pretty bad, especially on Cambridge St. Barely faster than walking. Traffic not moving much faster than I was. Fortunately, my ride is fairly short, just from one end of Cambridge to the other. I saw a few other bikes out, but I would say don't feel bad about not riding today. I had a wipeout on Friday, going too fast on a not-cleared side street, my own damn fault.

  4. Actually I didn't even feel safe *walking* in today's mess so worked from home, shoveled, salted, and sanded the sidewalk and canceled my evening plans.
    My hope is that with all the warmer temps and the rain, the snow banks will be smaller and the cars will be parked in the parking spaces and not bike lanes.