Monday, January 10, 2011

Chilly Companionship

Had a long day at work.  The new year has been all about putting out fires, and it was another tough day.
The Scientist was at an event, so I had the duty of releasing the hound,  and I kind of blew it.  I was checking a window schedule after the phone finally stopped ringing, when I realized I was supposed to be home in 10 minutes !!!
I jumped on my bike, barely pausing to save my files,  and headed out,  only to encounter in the 3rd block a biker wearing a neon vest and a shrek helmet cover.  I pulled up and asked him about it.
It turned out it was his 9 year old grandson's (honestly, he didn't look old enough to be a grandfather- biking must keep you looking young!)  He boasted that he was giving his grandson VC lessons,  and that they had biked to school every day until the snow fell.  What a lucky kid to have someone in his life encouraging cycling like that!
We rode down Cambridge street, and over the Longfellow, taking advantage of the light traffic to ride abreast most of the way.  We chatted about generator wheels - I recommended the VO ones, he shared gossip about problems with VO stuff.   He was using a Bern helmet with helmet liner - I can't find my helmet liner and worry that it was lost in the flood, etc etc.  It's amazing how quickly time flies when you have a pleasant chatting companion.  Right before I split off along my new route through Central to Green street,  I asked him if we could stop so I could take his picture.
Unfortunately I didn't have my "real" camera, and the camera phone shots are pretty lousy- the reflective stuff on his gear kept throwing off the meter.   I photoshopped out the worst of the glare, but there's no real saving them. The helmet was really lots of fun,  in a nicely irreverent way, but unfortunately the shots don't do justice to the pink fenders and berry colored bike- a great combo.

Dave,  it was sure nice to meet you- hope we can ride together again sometime!  Next time I'll bring a proper camera and get real photos!


  1. Dave!

    I've ridden with him a couple of times from downtown into Harvard Square. He's a very nice guy; though I thought he had a generator wheel already? Our paths crossed sometime last fall and I seem to recall that he had a Shimano wheel and light on whatever singlespeed that he was riding.

  2. Cris,
    He does have a generator on his "summer bike" this is his winter bike, and he's using a bottle battery headlight, but was thinking about getting new generator wheel.