Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bike the Emerald Necklace?

Frustrated with the lack of safe pedestrian and bicycle connections at Rt 9?

I'm not as familiar with this area as I am Cambridge and points west. The tweed ride came through here though, and it's a pretty lame connection between two otherwise very pleasant off road paths.
Brookline is having a meeting on improving this connection and would like your input:

Public Meeting: Brookline, Emerald Necklace Bicycle and Pedestrian Crossings Committee Meeting
Thu, November 3, 7pm – 9pm
Brookline Town Hall, Board of Selectmen Hearing Room, 6th Floor, 333 Washington St., Brookline, MA - map

Project Objective: The Town of Brookline would like to explore safety and connectivity options at this connection (where the Riverway and Olmsted Park is seperated by Route 9) and the need to develop a preferred alternative that could be advanced to develop a final design solution which will: increase the connection between the Emerald Necklace Parks included in the project area, improve the ability of pedestrians and bicycles to cross Route 9 (Washington St.), reduce confusion and improve the overall circulation of all modes, and make the area more attractive and livable.

Agenda: -Introduction of Committee Members and Design Team -Review Scope of Project -Committee Members and Public opportunity to provide input on needs, issues, and goals of the project -Next Steps and Schedule

For additional information, please go to Public Works/Projects at . If you have any questions please or call Robert Kefalas at 617-730-2258

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