Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A couple of events worth noting for Boston Area folks:

Charles River Basin Connectivity meeting- Mass DOT is presenting the results of a study they did identifying gaps in connecting the river paths with the communities they serve.   There are three meetings to come and ask questions (and encourage them to build more connections, not fewer!).
Tonight October 11, 6:30-8pm Shriner's auditorium near MGH  51 Blossom St.
Thursday Oct 13,  6:30 to 8pm Community Rowing,  20 Nonantum Rd, Brighton.
Tuesday Oct 18th, 6:30- 8PM  Morse School  40 Granite St, Cambridge.
I'll be at the first and third, volunteering for LSA,  so come by and say Hi.

Tweed Ride-  next Sunday Oct 16th, meeting at the Frog pond at 10:30.  Bring a picnic lunch for the ride out the Emerald Necklace to Franklin park and back.   I was so inspired by the lovely ride this spring that I attempted to overhaul Agnes (the 1936 Lady's Tourist) with Koolstops and a new, more road worthy rear tire.  I'm struggling with the rear brake linkage though.  I "think"  that at the top most connection where the rod that comes down from the lever goes into the first adjustment point, the rod is pulled too far out of the tube, so that there isn't enough travel to pull the rear stirrup forward at all.  However, I'm not able to move the rod at all to push it further "in"  I left it marinating in PB blaster, and need to see if that had any effect.

It's a more complicated system than Minerva's brakes, with a set of counterbalancing springs on both front and back brake shoes.   If all else fails, I'll ride it sans rear brakes (weather permitting)  and solicit advice from the group.

My old bike mechanical travails notwithstanding, it should be a lovely time, and I highly encourage everyone to attend!  Neither old bikes nor costumes are required, but a spirit of good genteel fun is.

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  1. I should be riding my 1939 Royal Elgin to the Tweed Ride - just need to head to Harris to pick up brake pads or strip the ones off my Dawn Tourist. Just picked up tires for it today and can't wait for a test ride. I've had the bike in pieces for the last 4 months and it's finally almost complete, though the lamp holder is acting funny