Friday, October 28, 2011

Awesome DIY gloves

This morning was the first really chilly ride of the fall- complete with thin crusts of ice on a couple of puddles, and a tiny bit of snow on a couple of cars.   I've been wearing gloves all week, but my leather and thinsulate gloves aren't going to cut it much longer- my fingers were pretty chilly today.

Looking for "urban cycling gloves"  I found these amazing gloves which light up in a chevron when you close your hand into a loose fist. Check out the video of her making a right turn!

I think I'm going to go order some LEDs and some conductive thread right now!


  1. This is very cool. I have just ordered myself some conductive thread. Also some conductive foam, because I need to make a new stylus for my touchscreen. And because I am a geek.

    I just have to figure out how to alter the signal for a crooked left-arm gesture to signal right turns. I don't like using my right hand because a) it's not what I learned so my muscle memory and b) I don't feel that cars see anything I do on my right side.

    Also, we need to have LEDs on the fingers so opposing traffic can see it, too.

    Oooh! Project!

  2. Lots of good stuff on this site-
    including a special "lilly pad" for attaching conductive thread to LED leads as well as tutorials on sizing LEDs for people like me who haven't used Ohm's law for a looooong time

  3. I would really want to hear if this is better than the lights at
    which do not need to be integrated into particular gloves. Of course, either might be inferior to 50 cents of reflective tape. For four pairs of gloves, that'd be about $4. It would also save on knitting and shipping.