Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In case you feel like

Spending 1 1/2 hours on a weeknight making a kick a$$ batch of enchiladas,  might I suggest this recipe, from the ever reliable Homesick Texan blog (now with bonus cookbook).
Apologies for the photo- decided they were blog-worthy only after they were aloquatted into Tupperware

The Scientist is having a tough week in the heart of the semester, so I thought it might bolster his spirits to have some genuine, made with love enchiladas.

I won't say that they're a simple meal on the table in 30 minutes or anything, but they're really really tasty.  I never used to cook "Tex Mex"  when I lived in Houston, but now that's the only way to get a reliable fix of "the good stuff."   Since people who live in Texas just go out for this kind of food, there aren't many recipes for Tex mex (lots of good ones for mex- mex.  but I've found that Homesick Texan ( a Texan who found herself craving the foods of home while living in NYC) is a reliable passport to the foods of my youth.

I'm hoping to get the cookbook for my birthday or Christmas (hint hint), and the real downside to making a recipe from a digital screen is that you can't write in the margins "double sauce recipe".
maybe this weekend I'll make a double sauce recipe up to the point where you add flour, and then can it for a night when I don't feel like spending so much time, but could use some comfort food.

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