Monday, October 31, 2011

Turkey Xing

Happened too fast to take a photo,  but on Saturday when I was leaving Star Market on the Cambridge/ Watertown line, I had to merge into the left lane to avoid the pair of really large wild turkeys  who were in the rightmost lane of Mt Auburn Street.    Fortunately traffic was light, so I signaled, moved over, and then resumed my path of travel once I was past.

Those guys better make themselves scarce,  it's getting close to that time of year that someone might want to try "free range" turkey...


  1. Make a full lane change. Wise policy in many situations involving passing real or potential figurative turkeys or other animate objects...

  2. Oh turkey's scare me. I had a police car get between me and the turkey once as I biked past a bunch of them. The cop thought I was insane but I was not risking that guy pecking me. ( he was in the middle of the road and was looking agressibvely at all the cars that passed before me- I didn't want to be the one with spare skin to get the brunt of the road rage!

  3. I think that people who've never seen one close up would be surprised how big they are. These ones in the lane were about 4' tall to the tops of their heads. I've seen grown people flinch away from angry geese, so imagine something 3x the mass and 1.5 to 2x the height coming at you!

  4. Same exact thing happened to me this past weekend passing Mt. Auburn cemetery -- March 25. This pair was crossing the street, had to jam on the brakes to avoid hitting the first guy.
    Very startling.