Monday, December 5, 2011

Brief commercial interruption

I'm not a sponsored blog, but I'm a big believer in dynamo lighting, and the reason that most people don't use it the cost/ hassle of finding a pre-built wheel or having a custom wheel built up.

I just saw that Clever Cycles is offering an amazing deal on dynamo wheels- $99 for either 26" or 700c.  (unfortunately it doesn't look like it's the 26" that fits old Raleigh bikes- stupid tire conventions)

Pair that with a $60 Lyt and you'll never need batteries again.  IIRC my generator hub alone was more that $99, several years ago.  While this one is probably not the same line, it's a nice deal, and I thought it was worth passing along.

We now return to our regularly scheduled riding!


  1. Order via the web, and add enough to those $99 wheels to get the total over $100 and they toss in free shipping! And it is a Shimano hub.

  2. Even better - get this from Amazon:

    26" version for $58.98 (+$5 shipping)

    700c version for $76.46 (+$8 shipping)

  3. That is in fact a fantastic deal! Anthony King of Longleaf Bicycles in NH sells the N-Lyt for $47. So a complete dyno setup for $150, that's quite hard to beat.

    I've had dynamo lighting on one of my road bikes for some time, but I just upgraded my Jeunet daily rider to dynamo lighting. I splurged and got the same setup as on my road bike: an IQ cyo, powered by one of the higher Shimano hubs. I am LOVING dymano lighting.

  4. I have just found your blog and in an attempt to broaden my overall cycling knowledge I thought that I would link in as a follower....
    Regards from the UK