Wednesday, December 21, 2011


BU Bike lanes are officially IN!

Rode the long way in along the river this morning to check them out.  Decided to ride over and come back just to check them out, and the experience is SO much better than before.   In my ride to the bridge, I had just seen a brave and very fast guy riding across the River street bridge vehicularly,  and was thinking how scary that must have been.  Fortunately on BU, now there's a better option.  (And someday there will be a better option on River too I hope).  UPDATE: lots of great photos  (including this one of me in full transpo-geek mode) on the livable streets flikr page.

 Livable Streets Alliance volunteers on the Boston side were out handing out "thank you" postcards to send to Mass DOT and breakfast.   

On the ride from there to work, I ran into Mark, a friend that I've met through the blog and got to chat and say hi, which is nice.  It's great to be able to run into friends while traveling through a big city,  and even nicer, when on a bike to be able to pull over and chat for a moment or two- hard to do that in a car.


  1. Awesome! And isn't it just so apropos that we see a cab crossing the line?

  2. Actually it's "the Ride" cutting the corner, but same difference.
    I noticed that, and was thinking how nice it would be if they put in the same kind of bollards that they put in on the Kenzie Ave separated lane in Chicago

  3. It was good seeing you this morning; it's always great to start the day by running into a friend you didn't expect to see.
    I'll try to get over to the new bike lanes tomorrow morning. I really need to practice the more direct route to Harvard Square, but I also keep hoping lanes will sprout on the Boston side of Mass Ave...

  4. Do you know if anything will be done with the road the loops over the masspike opposite the BU bridge? Sometimes when I'm in that area I end up riding around that and it is not much fun!

  5. @mark,

    There are plans to reconstruct the bridge over the pike, but they aren't part of the Accelerated Bridge Program, and so I don't know when they'll start being considered in earnest- probably in the next 5-10 years. Another big project to look forward to!

  6. You look really chic in that flickr photo!

    And yay for bike lanes!

  7. Fantastic, I need to ride there asap!