Thursday, December 29, 2011

Minuteman Connections

One of the real problems with the Minuteman,  either as a thru-way for travel, or a pleasant corridor for family recreation is that it cuts out at the complicated intersection at Mass Ave and Route 60.  Users who are separated from traffic along both ends of the route, are dropped into this nasty intersection without any guidance or signage- except the frequently ignored signs not to ride on the sidewalk.  Going westbound,  first you have to make an unprotected left across a 4 lane road.  And then you have no way of turning right on 60, and making a legal left onto the path, because of a high median with no turn pocket-  you HAVE to either ride or walk on the stretch of sidewalk from the intersection to the path.
The crossing is a bit better going East,  but still forces more timid riders either to mix it up with the right turning traffic and then take the lane on Mass Ave,  or walk/ ride on the sidewalk.

The town of Arlington is looking at a number of options for improving this connection for bicyclists and pedestrians,  some of which are quite progressive.   As you may have heard, there are a number of Anti-bike loudmouths in Arlington, who will almost certainly be there, and be fighting tooth and nail about possibilities that include removing the median to make space for bike lanes,  or even (gasp)  removing a couple of parking spots!!!

Information on the options can be found here,  and I strongly recommend coming out to support this potentially great project if you use the Minuteman- January 10th, 7PM at Town Hall.


  1. Expect the anti-bike guy Mark from "savemassave" to show up here shortly. He's been showing up on all the local blogs lately to put in his 2 cents.

  2. Looks like I should stop by there.

    I agree that crossing Arlington Center by Minuteman Trail is difficult. Basically you have to cross this busy intersection diagonally. I admit that I usually end up riding on a sidewalk for a very short moment along Mass Ave.

    Thank you for the information. It is important we all support connecting both ends of the Trail. Right now it is very divided by lots of heavy car traffic in Arlington Center.

  3. @ Anon, yes I noticed when he blamed the cyclist death at Vassar and Main on the pedestrian bump outs. Fortunately I moderate comments and don't have to publish things that I find offensive.