Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Packing heat

In all kinds of unlikely places, (in the comments anyway) I see half facetious suggestions for cyclists to ride carrying weapons, along the theory of "an armed society is a polite society"    I can only imagine the catastrophic consequences of my trying draw and aim  a gun while riding,  or really at all,  so I'll leave that alone,  but today I was packing heat of a different sort:
Nerf gun, received in an office gag gift swap,  on its way to Toys for Tots.
The Scientist was sad that it was going away, because he thought it would be cool to play with.  But honestly he'll play with it for a half an hour and then it will just clutter the house, while some 7 year old who might not get any other presents will drive his siblings crazy with it for months :)


  1. I haven't made any "gun" posts since March.
    BTW, the post is less about guns than THIS one, though wearing that t shirt would make a prospective honker think again AND avoid your concern about drawing and aiming a gun. Open Carry for weight weenies!

  2. You should get him this... http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/warfare/8a0f/

  3. There was this guy a long time ago who I would see all over the place in Phoenix riding his bicycle and carrying a katana sword, which looked like an effective, but probably quite illegal, choice. I found that Nerf weaponry is too wind-sensitive for bike usage, but is quite effective in an office setting.

  4. Having a concealed weapons permit, I've thought about that question too. Draw, aim, fire from the saddle. But I think if it actually came down to it...someone attacking you while riding (night time? bad part of town? iunno), I guess you kinda have to throw yourself off the bike, roll, draw, aim, and such. :-/
    I guess if you have a CWP, a katana sword might be legal.

  5. Here's hoping it went to some 7 year old girl instead, who would really enjoy driving her brothers crazy...or envious!