Friday, December 9, 2011


Ok, so I should probably wait to post on this until I actually get it and make something of it, but I was so excited about the rain skirt, that I just couldn't help myself, especially when I found a pattern with bikes subtly embedded in it.

Can you see the little skeleton on a bike at the bottom?  
I actually ordered it in yellow, but shots of that colorway didn't show the bike

I also ordered some more straight ahead lace pattern if this ends up being too much.
I can always make panniers of the leftovers, right?


  1. I'd LOVE to hear YOUR approach to making Panniers. Regardless of the cloth pattern...

  2. Steve, I was reading a bike hack about using a corrugated plastic election sign as a lightweight support backer. And then a day later I biked past a trash pile with a bunch of discarded election signs- serendipity! It's in my bike shed waiting for an opportunity...

  3. You wouldn't mind sharing where you got the fabric from would you? :-D

  4. I hear the hooks at Ikea are very good for panniers as well...