Monday, September 14, 2009

The baba ganoush disaster and other stories

I've been trying to take more pictures to document other cool cyclists on the road.
Today I tossed my camera in my bag along with my lunch and headed off to the doctor's and then to work.
On my way in, I saw an elegantly dressed woman who reminded me of the women I saw biking in Milan: Pressed chinos and the kind of perfect white shirt I only dream of,  black cardigan, driving loafers, stopped at the light.
I whipped out my camera, only to realize that it was covered with Baba Ganoush!  My tupperware had come undone in my bag and the inside of the bag was liberally coated with eggplant.
It looked like someone had thrown up in my bag.  Not a good way to start the morning.

Unfortunately it got worse, as when I arrived at work, I found that my computer had crashed so badly (on it's automatic 8am startup)  that it had to go to the apple store for replacement RAM.  Hopefully that will make it all better, but it was a slow day between trying to figure out the problem and waiting for it to be fixed.

On the way home, I stopped off at a vintage store looking for something to wear to the Tweed Ride
I've struck out so far at a couple of spots now, and am planning a full scale shopping expedition this weekend.

All's well that ends well, though,  as we had leftover lobster that had to be eaten (what a shame)
and I took the occasion to make the Arepas  recipe from last week NY Times.
 Corn and Jalapeno  arepas with crema, melted leeks, lobster and cotijo.   Good food makes it all OK!

I've had arepas a couple of times, but the fresh made ones with corn kernels and cheese were amazing.
The Scientist thinks they should be added to the rotation as a way to use up tasty toppings. Mini-cornmeal pizza muffins. Hmmm.  On the other hand, I bet they'll be good for breakfast.

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