Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bike Picnic?

Spotted on my way home Friday.

I searched a long time for my basket,  and tried several  "non bike" baskets in search of my ideal basket.
This one is just about the right size, and I like the whimsy of leaving the handles on.  My complaint about most "traditional" wicker bike baskets is that they are just a little bit too small.  I like to actually be able to carry stuff in my basket.  A lot of stuff.
Like this:

my work bag in the basket, filled with CSA veggies and tupperwares from lunch. More  CSA veggies in the pannier (dinosaur kale!), and on the rack a care package from my dad: an electric chainsaw, disassembled in a box!  It was all pretty heavy and I was a slow moving vehicle.  Went on the bike path because I didn't think I could really keep up in traffic.

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