Thursday, September 10, 2009

Out of state plates

I have a confession-  I’m from Texas,  land of big oil and George W.  (but also Ann Richards and Molly Ivins!) Although I’m a Cantabrigian now,  My body will always have a craving on a cellular level for a margarita and a combo plate.
There’s this stereotype of a small town bubba muttering ominously to the northerner unlucky enough to find himself in small town Texas “You’re not from ‘round here, are you, boy?”
Lately with all our local colleges ramping up for the semester there’s been a plague of inattentive-don’t know where they’re going-driving stupidly-not looking for bikes drivers,  mostly with out of state plates.  
They're not from 'round here.
I try to keep way clear,  be prepared for them to do boneheaded things,  and hope that they learn quickly.  I try to remember how hard it was to figure things out when I moved here 10 years ago and be patient.   
I do think that Cantabrigians in general look for and respect bikes more than Bostonions.  People don't see what they don't expect,  but here they’re just used to bikes and used to looking out for them, and that’s half the battle.  Or maybe a quarter of the battle?
I wonder how long it will take the newcomers to adjust? 

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  1. I regularly cycle through Cambridge, Somerville and Boston. Cambridge wins by far in the safety and driver courtesy department. Boston is hectic, but okay. Somerville can be downright frightening, but I am getting used to it.