Wednesday, September 2, 2009

....because it's easier than walking in them

I bike to work in my work clothes.

Maybe that doesn't sound revolutionary, but I work in a professional office, and almost all summer and much of the winter I bike in a dress and heels. Often, sitting at a stoplight pedestrians or people in cars will ask- how do you bike in those heels? My standard answer: "because it's easier than walking in them"

For me biking is easier and faster than walking, taking the train, and MUCH easier than trying to drive and park in Boston. I'm writing with the hope that I can show people that it's really not that hard. If you've suffered blisters from walking a mile in high heels- maybe you should try it too!


  1. hello and welcome to the blogesphere.

  2. Excellent - A new bike blog in the People's Republic! That is a lovely bicycle you have there.

    I have no problem cycling in heels per se, except that some dressy shoes have slippery soles that slide off the pedals. So I always make sure to buy shoes with textured soles.

  3. Hello there! Lovely to find your blog ;) look forward to more pics of Robert and biking in heels! I can only manage if my heel shoes have straps ;) as I like my saddle high, I tip toe the ground and have lost shoes when stopped at traffic lights ;) ops! L xxx