Tuesday, September 15, 2009

biking fast is the best revenge

Biking home today I was stopped at a light, leopard print pump propped on the curb.
A woman pulls up next  to me, about 3 feet over, and she's kind of inching up, thinking about running the light., whatever.   All of a sudden a portly guy on a MBSO  (mountain-Bike Shaped Object) passed right between us.  No warning, and he was so close, I'm surprised he didn't brush my elbow- it was really startling.
About 10 seconds later the light changes, and this dim bulb is just barely through the intersection.  I pass him, and hit the next light,  He blows right through it too,  none of that silly stopping to check for traffic,  and I probably yelled "sweetheart,  it's a red light"  This pattern repeats a time or two.  Normally if there's someone a bit slower than me, I'll just slow down rather than play leapfrog in traffic,  but this guy was just crawling along, and I had my computer in my basket, so I wasn't that stable at slow speeds.  And Porky is weaving back and forth, pumping with his whole body like he's really pushing the pace, and going maybe 8 miles an hour-  really really slow.
Finally I've had enough and blow past him,  and perhaps it wasn't very civil, but I called out, "you run red lights and this as as fast as you can move your sorry ass?"    F-you was his response, but then I was gone.

He didn't catch me at the next light.
Must have been the leopard print heels.....

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