Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Calling Betty Draper

I was in H&M yesterday picking up some wool blend tights,  and I saw these:

Someone on H&M's design staff has been watching Mad Men.
I'm not crazy about the colorways,  but I might have to get one, just for the pleasure of riding in one of those bouffant skirts!


  1. Yeah, I know, Clothing stores are stupid that way. Rush out and buy any winter stuff you need now, because soon it will all be gone! Even though the temperature outside is frigid, the retail calendar says "spring" so that'll be all you can find soon.

  2. I like the sage green floral colourway and think it would be splendid in the winter with some wool tights, a thermal long sleeve shirt underneath, and a cardigan over it. But I am trying to abstain from clothing purchases!

  3. Unfortunately the photo isn't very color true- the sage green is actually just a hair off robins' egg blue. I'm going to go have to try it on just to see if the full skirt is as fabulous as it looks, but I'm not sure if I'll buy or not

  4. I saw (and coveted) them too! I'm normally a green girl, but agree that neither is perfect in color and in this case I prefer the brown.

    Don't you just want to swish that skirt?