Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Red Riding Coat

I've started using a new coat for my daily ride.  It's a bit warmer than my silvery trench coat, and offers more coverage than my waist length soft shell.  I bought it a couple of years ago at a vintage shop and ended up not wearing it much because it wasn't terribly warm.  It's turned out to be a good weight for riding though-  relatively windproof,  and warm enough once I get going.  Even though it's not reflective,  I also like the fact that it's a bright color for a bit of extra visibility.

Today I also tried out a pair of wool blend tights that I got at H&M.  Overall it was pretty positive.  Wool tights I've had before tend to be saggy and baggy- no problem with these.  And they did seem significantly warmer than the regular tights I've been wearing the last couple of days.  I don't think I would have dared to wear mary janes (instead of boots) if I hadn't had that extra warmth.
They have a design around the ankle that I'm a bit ambivalent about.  I'm not a big flower print (or pink) girl and  it seemed a bit like they gave me cankles.  Perhaps it was partly because of the proximity with Mary Janes. Just a bit too much going on.   I still will probably go get a set in black that I can always wear with taller boots to cover the flowers if I decide they're too much.

Other than my wardrobe, it was a bit of an eventful day.
Came out of the house to find a cab double parked in the bike land in front of it.  I asked him nicely to move to the open parking spot on the other side of the road.  He refused, rudely, so I called the Cambridge Police.  They said that they could send a car, but that it probably wouldn't get there in time.  They suggested I call the cab company.  I did, and they suggested I call the licensing bureau.  I went ahead and did it, even though he had already left, and I'm skeptical that  it will really make a difference.  I was mad, though,  and it made me feel a bit better.
After that, I biked through Central on my way to work- not my favorite route- it feels like being in a video game, with trucks and buses, and pedestrians springing out from between parked cars, but that's the most convenient dry cleaner, and  I really needed to take some stuff by.
On the errand front,  I also took some knives in to be sharpened.  I try to get them professionally sharpened once a year (in January)  and often it seems that I've done it on the T and felt a little self conscious with a 8" knife in my bag.  Much easier on the bike. Although the knife place had "no bicycle parking" signs on their railing and no place to park nearby which was a bit annoying.
It was super cold this evening- maybe just because it was so windy, but it was a bit of a tough ride home.
One nice thing though was that while stopped at a light, the car next to me rolled down his window to inquire about my headlight and compliment it's brightness.  He said that coming up behind him, he thought it was a motorcycle.


  1. You don't have cankles! I think it looks fine, although I agree that I would prefer plain. that's the thing about H & M, sometimes they do off design things. I don't quite understand it. Sometimes I think there is a code that if something is cheap(er) it must come in off colors or have one outstanding design flaw just to remind you that you settled a bit...That's just my random thought on that. B/c why? Why not plain grey.

    Stupid cabby and yeah- it was cold last night. I donned my patagonia fleece b/c I thought it would be cozy and easy, but it was for once not enough. I guess the wind proofing on it stops when you are zipping down a hill.

  2. If the cabbie had known about your collection of sharp knives he would have been more responsive.

  3. Those tights so do NOT give you cankles! They're cute and they look nice.

  4. Jefe-
    unfortunately they were pretty dull- maybe they'll be more threatening in a couple of days.

  5. you wouldn't think a knife-sharpening business could afford to be difficult to any portion of its customer base.

    The tights are cute. Not even remotely cankle-y.

  6. Thanks to you I now have these tights - the black version with the red flowers. I don't plan on anybody ever seeing the red flowers, as they will be covered up with knee-socks and tall boots at all times. The gray ones look nice on you!