Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You want you some cankles..I got your cankles right here...

I tried out my newest item in my winter riding arsenal today and they were kind of meh.
I don't know if I was too busy being a "skateboard punk rocker" to quote Michelle Shocked, or if the Flashdance thing didn't make it to rural Missouri,  but I never dressed like this in high school

I think I can say pretty certainly that that's a Good Thing.

However, as I was picking up tights at H&M, I decided to take a chance on some leg warmers.  For one thing they were a sober gray chunky knit, which seemed a bit less trendy,  and for another thing, it's been cold for a week now and I am getting tired of wearing boots with all my skirts.

So I took a chance  and I think there will be no argument that they definitely give one cankles.  They were considerably warmer than just tights, and I ended up wearing them at my desk for a couple of hours  (had to take them off quickly to go to a meeting).  However, I really want something that will be warm above the knee, and although I pulled them up that high, they refused to stay, settling just below the knee.  Not that my calves were complaining about the extra warmth,  they just weren't all I hoped they'd be, and I felt like a fashion victim, so I doubt I'll wear them much.  If I were ambitious, I'd dig out something fun from the giant stash of "future project" yarn and knit them for myself, but I've got enough projects that aren't moving forward already.


  1. For the most part, I don't think legwarmers look flattering almost on anyone. And I agree that they slide down and tend to stay on the ankle and lower calf. I do like legwarmers in theory, but in practice I prefer wearing boots with long wool socks.

  2. what filigree said. i had knee hi ones but my legs are so short they looked like legging pants (black thin knit) and i never wore them got rid of them a few years ago. i wish i had them now for biking though....

  3. You were on the cutting edge of fashion in high school, although I think it was only supposed to be one glove.

  4. I love my leg warmers but mine are 1) super thin and 2) worn *under* my trousers.

    Particularly when I'm wearing a mid-thigh coat they provide just that little extra snuggle I need without generating lots more laundry (just ankle socks, not voluminous socks).

    If you want thigh-high legwarmers that stay up, I suggest discount dancewear (.com) Though, for the money, I'd rather have another pair of the Gaynor Minden footless wool tights - slimming and SO WARM!

  5. I like legwarmers! Your gray ones look good. My main issue is keeping feet warm, though, and they're no help with that. Usually I end up putting on two pairs of tights or wool leggings instead of pulling out my legwarmers.

  6. Cankles? There is one I have NEVER heard of. I think I know what you mean, but could you provide a definition so I can properly incorporate it into my daily vocabulary? :D

  7. Sox-
    Here I thought _I_ was the last person to have discovered this word- my sister and law was talking about it when she was pregnant- and it was immediately obvious what she meant (not because her calves really merged into her ankles) but it was such a fun and descriptive word!
    My other favorite neologism is "skullet" for a mullet combined with male pattern baldness...

  8. It didn't quite mean what I thought it did, but it is a good phrase non-the-less. I shall adopt it immediately.
    And skullet is a hoot. You see those all the time here in the Great White North!
    Thank you.