Friday, June 11, 2010

Cargo Mixte

I was waiting to meet someone in Kendall, and spotted this bike.

It's a Globe,  and it had serious carrying capactiy, and interesting geometry-  really long chainstays (I guess for larger pannier capacity.  it was sort of a mixtie, although it has three downtubes, but had extra seatstays too.  Looks like it could haul a lot of stuff.

Serious front rack!

I like the tomato red color too.

While I was taking pictures, a woman walked up and said- "do you like that bike?" 
I said yes, and then was a bit chagrined when she unlocked it and rode off.  


  1. that's a beauty!

    and it also goes to show that just because someone has good taste in bikes doesn't mean they have to be nice. bummer.

  2. Oh, She was nice- she was just teasing me. We chatted a bit about where she bought it (Back Bay Bicycles) and how she liked it (a lot).

  3. i like the concept of a cargo mixte. based on this bike's frame design, i'd call it a "true" mixte-- twin lateral stays extending past the seat tube to create a "second" set of seat stays-- very strong yet low standover height. it makes sense for a utility bike. however, i wonder how a heavy front load would feel on this bike-- the front fork appears to have zero rake and therefore very high trail-- it may make for very heavy steering under load. it also appears to be a single speed with coaster brake. it would be nice to test-ride one with a full load!

  4. Nice rack! (hee) I'm still learning my bicycle basics, but do you have any idea why the seat tube is so short? Does it have something to do with carrying capacity, or is it just an extra tiny frame? It seems very curious to me.

  5. margonaute, the short seat tube combined with an extra long seat post is the trend these days. it makes the bike more "universal" for riders of all different sizes. this translates into streamlined design and manufacturing costs. utility bikes, more than any other bike type, are adopting this "one size fits all" design with the idea that different people within the family or business may need to use the same bike. mike flannigan's basket bike is designed around this idea, as well.

  6. Hehe, today I complemented a lady on her shiny blue Trek city bike. She was like "Umm thanks, but it's not mine."

    Kinda reminded me of the Hungarian cycling ad, for some reason.

  7. Sweet bike! This post reminded me that I test rode one last summer and never posted my pictures and review. I'll have to dig that up.

  8. I like the Globe live and it does have a low trail geometry for the front Rasket. The fork, while straight in the blade it has 59mm of rake with the the 3 different headtube angles 74, 73 ,72 [for the 3 sizes of frame in the mixte model] ends up with a trail range or 40mm, 46mm and 53mm. However in the end I just like the all red bike.