Saturday, June 12, 2010

Double the fun

Saw this parked on the street near my house recently.
It's a bit rusty around the edges,  but I love the idea of a vintage tandem like this.
If only I had room in the bike shed,  because I love the idea of touring with the Scientist on a tandem..
The wire baskets have plenty of space for a lovely picnic!


  1. Tandems are becoming more popular around town, and I wouldn't be surprised if C-List has some nice vintage ones this summer. Sigh. Last summer there was an ad for a 1970s silver Motobecane tandem, but it was sold before I made contact.

  2. These show up here on CL pretty regularly and I lust after them but am afraid if I buy one, I might get some kind of crazy tandem addiction and buy more!

  3. Chrome polish and a lot of elbow grease would clean that tandem real purty. It'd be perfect for the riverfront trail on those days you couldn't go too fast anyway.

  4. So cute!!! I want a tandem, they look so fun :)