Thursday, June 24, 2010

Train blogging

On the train to NYC and I'm reminded how pleasant it is to travel this way.
There's a wave if strong thunderstorms passing through this afternoon and I would be a nervous wreck on a plane. Driving would be frustrating and fatiguing.
I love the little glimpses of backyards and smalll towns as we rumble by. It doesn't hurt that the acela high speed train has free wireless.
I put my tunes on shuffle and am enjoying the trip


  1. I wish the bus to New York weren't SO MUCH cheaper than the train, because the train is SO MUCH nicer-- maybe once I actually have a job, I'll be able to justify the extra expense?

    I came home a little early today so I wouldn't get caught in the storm which I hadn't realized was supposed to be coming. I know the night is still young, but so far? I am very unimpressed with these "severe thunderstorms." Hrmph!

  2. If bicycling is impractical trains are the next best way to travel

  3. I definitely want to try the Acela high-speed train to NYC! It's so awesome from everyone's experience.

    And, I read somewhere that Acela service doesn't have a single same-level train crossing along its entire track. I don't like car/train crossings.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE train travel and wish it was a better way to travel in the USA as whole. I had one of those scary rough flights last week and would love to take the train more.

  5. last time i rode the acela, the wireless was so bad it was to the point of being unusable. honestly, it was slower than dialup... when it worked at all!

    but it is a nice, smooth ride. i try to make sure i find a seat in a "quiet" car otherwise i find there are too many rude people who blabber on their cell phones without any regard to respecting their neighbor's air space.

    hope you're enjoying NYC!

  6. Love my train rides! Unfortunately I ride the "cheap seats" Amtraks and they don't have wireless on them yet. Aircard sort of works but we travel through some remote areas.


  7. I used to commute from Portland to Boston by bus twice a week, it was a two hour+ ride. Back in those days, I had a GSM EDGE card for my laptop that kept me connected most of the way along the I-95 corridor from Boston's South Station to Portland, Maine. It would always drop in Portsmouth.

    But, using a laptop on a bus always made me feel like I might puke at any moment, so I didn't enjoy it. Wifi on the train would be luxurious. I hope high-speed trains catch on, now that flying is so ridiculous. Oh, and I hope taking the train doesn't turn into the same TSA strip club.

  8. I love taking the train. I used to take the train from Providence to NYC during college at each break. Loved the rush of traveling with all the college kids in the area, it was the ivy/ prep school mobile back then.

    I took the train last spring to NYC and it was a big treat. B always whines that the train is $$ and often way more $$ than driving but I was having a rough time then ( 09) and needed much pampering and I sat listening to music as you did and played on my phone making shout outs on Facebook. God! Being in college now would be insane- I'd most likely have spent my trip posting pics of cute boys on FB for friends to review. The internet in a teen and YA hands is a scary thing!!