Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NYC bound

The Scientist and I are going to NYC soon.

Does anyone have any suggestions about a good place to rent bicycles?
We're going to be staying in midtown near MOMA.
I heard good things about the West Village Waterfront bike shop and bad things about Central Park Bicycle shop,  but the West village is a long way away from where we'll mostly be.

Any suggestions or warnings of places to avoid?

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  1. unfortunately, I can't give any tips for rental. I spent a few weeks working in New York on a client project, but everytime that I went down, I took Amtrak and checked my bike in as luggage between South and Penn Station; so didn't rent.

    I will say that, while in New York, I had a pretty decent experience with buying stuff from Sid's Bicycle in Chelsea. Not sure what their rental policy is like, though.

    As I might've mentioned in another post, the cabbies in New York are extremely aggressive; so just keep that in mind when seeing peds hailing for one down the street.

    Otherwise, I rather liked riding around the city. Navigation is relatively straightforward because of the grid, and while traffic can be rather dense and heavy, drivers and buses were a lot more predictable in their behavior than in Boston.

    How were you planning on storing the bikes between the days of your trip? Or were you just planning on returning your rentals during business hours?