Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flower delivery

I was so excited this year when my peony bush, despite getting minimal sun delivered 5 whole blossoms.
Peonies are such exuberant, extravagant flowers, and they're among my favorites.Shockingly, someone came up into my yard and picked three of the 5 blooms,  ripping whole branches off the plant.  Sigh- the hazards of living in a very urban area.

After a tough day at work, and the Scientist away at Princeton,   I bought myself flowers- peonies like the ones that were despoiled.
There's something almost cliched about carrying a bunch of flowers on a bike (kind of like carrying a baguette)  but on the other hand, it's so lovely to have a nice bike and a nice bunch of flowers!
I'm finding the "fish hatch"  on the creel basket to have all kinds of non-fishing applications.  Sunglass port,  key drop,  hankie depository.  And now flower carrier!  I was worried that it wouldn't be stable, but I put my balled up sweater, a package of heat and eat saag paneer, and a quart of half and half in the basket wedged up against the base of the flowers, and they stayed put perfectly the whole trip.
Although this is pretty tame in the annals of the things I've carried on a bike (see this, this and this),  I'm going to submit it as an entry in the LGRAB summer games, which I hope you all are playing along with at home!


  1. Definitely worthy! I adore peonies and they bring back lots of childhood memories. Memorial day was an important occassion in our family and we'd always gather at one grandmother's or another for a big dinner and then go decorate the graves of our elders. Picking the peonies as lunch was cooking was always one of my jobs.

  2. Oh, the fish hatch sounds like a must-have!

    Sorry about your flowers. If it's any consolation, squirrels often eat all of my mother's flowers. So living in a non-urban, low vandalism area does not always help! She's tried everything, but the evil squirrels persist.

  3. Flowers in a bike basket are always so beautiful!