Wednesday, June 23, 2010

silly shoes

This is kind of silly-

I know that some people would say that I don't wear appropriate footwear for the serious exercise of bicycling.
This evening I went for a pedicure, and forgot the flip flops I'd brought for the day under my desk at work.
Hence, rather than ruin the fresh paint with the grotty toes of my danskos,  I just kept the toes on top of the shoes, and biked home like that!

Ok, it looked really silly, and it probably wasn't terribly efficient, but it was just fine for a short trip on a hot summer night!  And my pink nail polish arrived unscathed!


  1. Well, they might be a bit silly, but not as silly as seeing someone with road cycling shoes on walking like a duck into a coffee shop.

  2. Whew! I once rode my bike for a pedicure...and then realized what I'd done, went home and drove back to the salon LOL!

  3. That's why my clipless shoes and the cleat itself are mountain-type that allow walking up/down stairs. But, hey, is that a bit of clipless resentment I see Steve? :)

  4. I am actually impressed that you could do this! I've been riding a lot in flip flops but have decided that's not always such a good idea when putting my foot down to balance my big cargo bikes at red lights so.... have bought a pair of Keen sandals to commute in this summer.

    Two answers re: questions you left on my blog:
    1. Balance Bike-- I got Finn's for his third birthday, which seemed like a good age, but I think 2 1/2 could work. There are the beautiful expensive ones (Skuut) but I found a less expensive one of the web (Smart Gear) & it's been great. However, I just Googled both & I am finding similar prices! Weird b/c I know I paid about $50 for Finn's.

    2. Zero Per Gallon patches & stickers in different sizes:


  5. I once wore a pair of flip-flops while riding an old pair of Campagnolo-style track pedals (the ones with the teeth on the cages). And I didn't even have the excuse of just having gotten a pedicure!

    I ride Keen sandals, too. Their thick soles are actually fairly stiff. Plus, they're stylish in their own way.