Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cute Cantebregian

Although this bike has a Shaker Heights Ohio parking permit, it seems like such a Cambridge bike.

A couple of interesting details:
It has white wall schwalbes.  I didn't know that anyone still made true whitewalls.  Robert used to have them, but it came to be that the only ones I could find were actually a dirty beige- halfway between  white and gum walled

The panniers of course are lovely and colorful.

It also has a Velo Orange leather saddle which I've never seen in person.  They're a cheaper version of a Brooks and they look like a nice option.

I love bicycle license stickers  and the gold leaf of the tube banding.


  1. I see more and more of those Basil panniers around Cambridge. They look very roomy and stable, and I love cherry blossoms. The VO saddle is unusual - I wonder whether the person bought it online or from Open (the only local shop I know carries them). Oh yeah, and nice Raleigh Sports!

  2. Nice bike, the Schwalbe white tire walls are very effective.

  3. I love the graphics of the Basil panniers, but I often have valuables in my panniers and want to take them with me, and the saddlebags style doesn't seem like it would lend itself to that.

    I know that Harris is also carrying some of the VO stuff and can order the stuff that they don't carry.