Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pommes Frites

I've been a science widow as the Scientist is away talking about his work.  As a treat I decided to make pommes frites- you know the really skinny elegant french fries?   To me they have the perfect balance between crunchy exterior and soft potato interior. And they're really easy to make as long as you get the steps right.
After peeling the potatoes and cutting them into long matchsticks, I soaked them in cold water while I ran to the store for something else (Ok a duck breast- I decided I wanted duck and pommes frites.)  I had to move the scientist's truck anyway- he has a knack for going out of town on street cleaning week.

When I got back I dried them in the salad spinner to make sure they were really dry.
The key is to fry them twice-  once for about 90 seconds, not until brown.  They'll come out of the first fry soggy and greasy and nasty. Nothing you would want to eat unless you were desperate.

 Let them cool and stick them in again,  and almost instantly they turn crispy.  You just cook them until they're perfectly brown, salt them (I toss them with fresh rosemary too) and try not to burn your fingers and tongue as you scarf them down!  YUM


  1. yum. I love pomme frites. There was ( maybe still) awonderful spot on second ave by St. Mark's place that sold pomme frites. My fav was with garlic mayo. B and I made a frite bar once at a party complete with garlic mayo sauces. Ppl stood by the fries all night long. Yum. enjoy.

    Of course now I want some.

  2. ummmm garlic mayo.....

    Good thing I just brushed my teeth or I'd I'd be tempted to whip some up.

    A Frites bar sounds like a fabulous conceit for a party- although keeping them hot and fresh might be too much work for me...

  3. While in Belgium this summer, we visited the Musee des Frites in Bruges. A whole museum dedicated to the BELGIAN-INVENTED fried potato. The whole "french" thing is a bit of a sore point with them.