Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vision in purple and green

I decided that it was just too much work to shoehorn my bike in at the "close" racks at the grocery store, so I walked the extra distance to park in the deluxe,  well lit bike racks in the attached parking garage.  I was glad I did too, because otherwise I wouldn't have seen this vision in purple and green.  I'm not in any way shape or form an expert on fancy custom fixies- does anyone recognize the skull and crossbones as a maker's mark, or is that just customization?  Forgive the picture quality- all I had was my iphone.

Anyway,  What initially drew my eye was actually the Yakkay helmet left hanging off it.  I was a little bit tempted to take it off and try it on, although it might have been awkward if I had gotten caught.
I've been thinking of getting one, but kind of wanted to see the different styles on my head before committing to that expensive a piece of headgear.  My attempt to sew my own was a dismal failure not worth the electrons or embarassment of blogging about.  The best the Scientist could say about it is "It kind of looks like a Cossack's hat."

I like the sot of acid green on the chain,  pedals and tires,  and the sewn up grips. (sorry, truly awful photo of the grips)

All in all a bike with a lot of attitude

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