Friday, November 13, 2009

What I wore

As I try to document more what I wear to work:  My favorite H&M shift dress (I have three of this dress in different colors- it just fits so well), a maroon sweater and a jean jacket.  Sorry for the odd expression- was wondering if the self timer was going to work.  Tights, Maryjanes and my new leather gloves from Target that have white stitching along the knuckles..


  1. I have that same expression on when I use the timer.

    You look great!

  2. Very pretty!
    It's sad that I am so intimately familiar with H&M's merchandise, that I know which shift dress you are referring to AND the other colours it came in!

  3. Super cute, I like the big blue flowers. Is your scarf from Banana Republic? I have one that looks just like it.

  4. F- There's a black satin version that I've been searching for in my size. I can't seem to find H&M trousers that fit me, but I've found that this shift dress seems to fit me perfectly.

    D-The scarf is actually from Payless shoes of all places. I was looking for something with silver in it to work with my silver trench coat. Probably a lot less than BR....
    MV- I went to a 2nd H&M in search of paisley tights (and the black version of this dress) without success- will have to keep trying back.