Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Empty the freezer challenge part 3

Let me begin this by saying that I would eat just about anything on top of polenta.
Add some cheese and I would definitely eat anything on the polenta.

I'm not going to post a photo of this evening's dinner as it was not particularly photogenic, to say the least.
Polenta rounds (cut out of a sheet of cooled polenta and frozen with wax paper in between.
Ran then through a hot skillet with a liberal dose of olive oil.
Topped them with a mixture of sauteed chard with a lot of garlic and a generous handful of christmas lima beans.  Something ( I think it was the limas)  had a lot of red pepper in them,  so there wasn't much need for other seasonings.
 Goat cheese crumbled on top made it a little prettier, but mainly it was a study in brown and brownish green.

Freezer containers -3 (polenta,  chard, beans)

Special bonus round,  had lentil soup excavated from the freezer for lunch.


  1. my SIL made a veggie polenta pie this Oct and it was the first time I tried polenta. I loved it. I previously was put off by it's name. Polenta- placenta...

    yours sounds delish!

  2. That sounds awesome! I love chard, garlic, and polenta...great meal combination.

  3. Cool. My favourite version of polenta is the Romanian dish Mămăligă, which you are supposed to cut apart with a thread and eat with nothing but sour cream.