Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's all about accessories

I get a lot of comments/ compliments on my helmet.
For some reason that seems to happen a lot in the grocery store.  I guess it's because I shop several times a week, usually on my way home from work and  often I'm too lazy to take off my helmet.  Fortunately in the stores in Cambridge it's not uncommon to see someone walking around in their helmet, so I don't feel that unusual.  The woman in the line ahead of me the other day complimented me on it.  I said that I had taken it off, but then my hands got full and it was just easier to wear it.  She said "well it will protect you from those tragic grocery accidents"  She had a helmet hanging off her bag, so I didn't take it the wrong way.

Grocery accidents aside, I really like my helmet,  and I think it almost works as a fashion accessory.  At least I don't feel foolish wearing it.   It's the "muse" helmet from Bern,  and I like the chipper styling of the brim.  It's very much like the helmets I used to ride horses in.

I believe that Bern started as a snowsports helmet company, and some of there helmets are bike approved and some aren't, so you have to be careful.   This one is bike approved in the USA, although it's not the most comfortable or adjustable helmet I've ever had. No vents means I can't use it for the hottest parts of the summer ( I have a generic swooshy one for August) and I (and my thyroid gland) wish it had some kind of back of the head adjustment band, so that  you could keep it aligned without cranking the chin band down super tight.

For me though, it's worth it  to have a helmet that doesn't make me look like I took a wrong turn and lost the peleton.  
I've customized it with a coat of clear paint and a layer of the glass reflective beads that they use on signs.  I actually think it's not as reflective as a sign,  but it's better than nothing, and I rather like the bumpy matte texture.


  1. Good point about the Bern. The first time I ordered one online, I got a "hardhat" without realizing the difference. I had to exchange it once I saw on the tag that it was not for cycling.

  2. OMG - I totally wanted to do that with the glass beads! Will you let me see yours someday? I would love to know how reflective it is.

  3. I wonder if more helmet manufacturers will start to make fun helmets. Nutcase has some fun ones (if they had one with daisies I'd be all over that) but I bought an equestrian helmet because the most available type of cycling helmet are not the least bit esthetically pleasing when one has a Dutch bike.
    Good idea with the glass beads.