Tuesday, November 3, 2009

His 'n' Hers

If you look at bike stores that feature vintage bikes you'll see a lot of matched sets of men's and ladies' bicycles.  It used to be the thing for couples to buy matching sets of bicycles.  They were generally the same color and same "line" (matching brand, features etc).  I remember my grandparents had such a set.

Here are a gorgeous pair of Supurbes at Cambridge Vintage Bicycles in mint condition.
Supurbes were the top of the line Raleighs, complete with generator hubs.

They're being sold as a set, and I hope that a nice couple buys them and takes them on lots of adventures together


  1. those look to be a lovely matched pair!!! i do hope they don't consider "breaking them up", and stand firm on selling them as a set. they are too nice and well matched to be split up! love the matched dynohubs, brooks saddles and saddlebags!!

  2. Nice! Superbes were not quite top of the line (the Tourist/Roadster/DL-1 was considered nicer), but still wonderful and of course it was nice that they came with the dynamo-powered lights. Do you know if the lights work on those bikes at Old Roads?

    I love matched his and hers sets as well, and sold my "Lucy" together with a men's green Sprite I had to a nice couple.

  3. for the asking price of $1200, i would hope that the dynohubs worked!

  4. I believe that the dynamos work but the lights don't. It might be a matter of burnt out bulbs. If I were selling them, I'd get new bulbs and see if they could be fixed- it seems like it would make a big difference.
    I know that $1200 seems a bit steep, but I am curious how that compares to the price for the Pashley Classic which is similarly equipped.

  5. rather than compare with the price of a pashley classic, which is comparing old versus new, i would compare with the going prices of the same vintage bikes in local markets. i have never seen a his and hers matched pair go over $1000, even in superbe condition (pun intended). given that the green superbes are not too difficult to find individually, it's also possible to assemble one's own his/her set from two sources. that said, i don't have any moral objection to a shop asking $1200 for this set, since what that money would be buying may represent a acceptable value to some people, and shops do need to turn a profit to justify their existence.

    if the dynamos work, then it should be relatively easy and inexpensive to troubleshoot why the lights don't illuminate, and i would expect that level of attention to detail by the seller to be given to these bikes at this price point. the copper contacts inside the headlight are notorious for tarnishing, and often just need to be cleaned. and bulbs are cheap to replace.

    (hey, i think i just thought of a co-op session theme!)

  6. You have bike stores that sell vintage bicycles? Wow!!