Thursday, November 19, 2009

empty the freezer part 4 (sort of)

So tonight the Scientist is back home, and while I want to continue the challenge,  I also want to welcome him back with something he'll enjoy instead of something that feels cobbled together.
So I'm pulling out a precious tub of slow cooked pork carnitas as the centerpiece of tonight's meal.
This is more of a fully formed meal instead of a challenge, as all I have to do is to heat it up and put it in tortillas,  garnish it with salsa, guacamole and cotijo cheese.

But boy is is tasty.
Making Carnitas is slow but simple.  I got my recipe from the Homesick Texan website.

Basically it goes like this:  buy a big piece of pork and chop it up and put it in a big heavy pot. Juice a couple of oranges over it and put a bit of water in.  Cook over low heat until the liquid is gone ( a couple of hours)  add oil if there isn't enough rendered fat to keep it from sticking.   Cook with a bit more attention for another half an hour until the edges are all crispy and brown. Salt to taste.
Oh my God it's tasty.

Make into tacos, burritos, chiles rellenos,  tamales, etc etc.

If you know someone who grew up in Houston specifically or Texas generally,  serve with the Homesick Texan's  "Ninfa's green sauce"  to induce ecstasy.  Pork fat plus avacados equals true love

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