Tuesday, November 24, 2009

True Dutch

Saw this very authentic dutch bike parked outside Sears this weekend.   With the front rack and rear seat, it's all about the aesthetics of utility.
Robert and I lingered a bit, hoping to see the person riding it, but no luck.


  1. Dutch bikes always make me stop and look, too. I also look around to see if I can spot the likely owner. Never any luck but it is fun to imagine who the owner is and what he or she is like.

  2. that bike belongs to a friend of mine in cambridge! the bike often can be seen locked up at the porter square shopping center, as well. it is an azor transport bike, and the owner brought it over from holland privately. it dates to the early 2000s. it's seen some heavy use, and is not holding up as well as the typical expectation of the modern dutch bike as weatherproof, bombproof workhorse. it's rusting pretty badly along the rear triangle, and various major parts have had to be replaced. then again, it is used daily in all weather conditions, so i suppose that may be par for course for any bike...