Friday, July 9, 2010

Beacon Hill

I'm trying to take more action shots with the new camera.  I'm a bit sheepish about taking pictures of people, but I was stopped as a light, so I just aimed without looking at the viewfinder when I saw her coming down the sidewalk.  The loose linen tunic is so relaxed and chic-summery.

Stay cool this weekend!


  1. I love this woman's outfit; need a handsome white tunic that drapes as nicely as hers.

  2. Thanks ,as always, for this excellent blog. re 'sheepishness',I know what you mean! Being male,I always get that creepy photographer feeling when taking photos of other cyclists if I don't ask first. So I always complement them on their bike and tell them about my blog and where to find it. I also tell them if they are not happy with the photo, to just let me know and I will take it down. So far,I have found that everyone loves to have their picture taken. cheers,Ian,Melbourne