Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot Pink H

Sorry for the dearth of posts.  Decontamination of the basement proceeds apace, but it's not left a lot of time for messing with the computer:

However this has been lingering on my list of things to post:

A lovely Royal H parked outside my office (we get a lot of fun bikes here- not sure exactly why).  I really like the idea of using rubber grips on drop bars,  but that's because I had a traumatic experience with a roll of bar tape once.
I couldn't read the motto: curvature+ tiny hand lettering+latin= incomprehension.

In an interesting aside,  the purple and orange and white bike was down the street, and I saw a guy in a suit standing there totally checking it out.  He looked up and met my eyes a bit sheepishly, but I smiled, and I was walking Gilbert, so he probably realized I didn't think he was odd. And I'd rather he was obviously ogling bikes than young ladies.


  1. LOVE the pink! You should check out these bike tags in this ladies Etsy shop that let you tell people you dig their ride: How fun is that?!

  2. What a cute bike! The grips make it look like it's wearing gloves. :-)

  3. so an unrelated question--what is the age of your DL-1 and do you think they changed much from the 40s to the 80s? ie anything meaningful I should look for?

    I am about to buy one and have been reading rather frightening things about the rod brakes esp in rain or any other suboptimal conditions (like trying to brake quickly)--what has your experience been?

    And finally re powdercoating--would you be so kind as to let me know who the Gentleman from Plymouth is as his services may be required


  4. @anonymous
    My Dl-1 is a 1971. To be honest I don't know the history of the model very well. My impression is that they didn't change much.

    The rod brakes _are_ quite unreliable. It's possible to tune them so they're pretty good in dry conditions but when wet, they're pretty useless (see my post "The hour I first believed" ). My solution is not to ride Minerva in the rain. She's a fair weather friend, and I need to do a little bit of messing so that I can enjoy her in the fair weather we're getting right now. Long term if you want a DL-1 to be your "Daily" you need to either 1) rebuild the rear wheel with a coaster brake hub, as Velouria of Lovely Bicycle recently did, or add a drum brake to the front hub, controlled by the rods of the existing brakes. Or both.
    I'm not a coaster brake fan, and I have a more practical daily ride, so
    I' m happy to just live with the rod brakes.
    The powder coat guy is Scott from Long Beach Custom Fabrication.
    Somervillain of Boston Retro Wheelmen had a real horror story with him, but I thought for the super cheap price he was fine. If you can allow twice the time he quoted you, and don't ask for anything complicated, the price is ridiculously low. But it's low because he does it essentially for fun, and he has a lot of family stuff going on, doesn't like to answer the phone, and doesn't do show- bike quality. If any of those things are going to be a problem, you should go somewhere else. If you want a super durable finish, in any color known to powder coaters for a third the cost Geekhouse would charge and you aren't in a hurry, he's your man.

  5. Oh that is a cute Royal H trackbike, haven't seen that one before!

    I might go to Scott to repaint my fixed gear frame, which I am still awaiting from Austria.

    Anonymous - Supposedly, the DL-1 did not change much from the 50s through the 80s, other than the style of the decals.