Thursday, July 22, 2010


The weather was so much cooler and crisper this morning that last night, and I just felt lucky when I strapped on my camera-. I've been trying to take more pictures of people riding bikes looking like they're on their way to their lives,  and I feel like I'm  constantly just missing the perfect shot.  But today I hit the jackpot,  two shots that I could make while I was ready and wasn't moving.

Something about a man in a suit on a bike is emblematic of bicycling's integration into culture.  The idea that you're dressed up, but of course you hop on your bike to get where you're going.  Check out those french cuffs and the briefcase on the rack

A couple of miles on, I snapped this while waiting at the light

Something so summery about a jersey dress.


  1. this morning was delicious! Much needed.

  2. I really like the motion & shadow in the top photo.

  3. So happy to see a portrait of Boston like this. Lovely!