Tuesday, July 27, 2010

cup of joe

Ok,  so this isn't the picture I hoped it would be, but this guy was just so nonchalant- riding along to work in his baseball cap, with his Dunkin' Donuts cup in his hand.  He gave me a big smile as I passed across the crosswalk.   I just had to share it, despite the face the you can barely see his bike or his DnD cup


  1. But he's riding the wrong way on the side-walk across the Mass Ave bridge which has wide bike lanes available. :( Hopefully he did not spill his coffee on himself or anyone else as he was dodging all the joggers and pedestrians on the sidewalk!

  2. Astroluc, maybe he's English. He certainly was going slowly so as not to spill the coffee. My own strategy is different - drink it slowly and then ride like heck to make up the time.