Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A lovely evening ride

I knew it was going to be a nice ride home when I left the office after a 2 HOUR conference call, not only because I was ready to be home, but because the temperature had dropped 10 degrees, and the humidity from this morning was gone!.

And then at the first light, I was joined by this lovely lady, who not only bikes in her work clothes (from Arlington no less) but who observes the same no filtering policy that I do.

We rode and chatted together for a while, although it's tough in traffic.  I believe she said her name was Jen,  If I'm wrong and you know her, let me know!

I just found out that there's an urban planning/ bike-ped facilities engineering company just down the street from my office, which I bet is a source of a lot of the cool bikes in my office neighborhood.  I wish I'd asked her if that was where she worked.  It would be fun to get to know those people- I bet we'd have a lot in common.  If anyone works at Toole Design, do you guys have a softball team that needs a ringer?

I also just barely managed to snap this lady riding by on Mass Ave-
What a cheerful Black and White top to go with a classic B&W Raleigh

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