Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The wind beneath my wheels

It was a lovely breezy day today.  Not too hot, perfect for sailing.

But I was not in the mood for too much flapping in the breeze! I wore a very full, calf length dress this morning. With gores around the base that make it even fuller.

I did stop on the way out the door to take a pair of cotton workout shorts with me, just in case it was too much,  but it was fine.  My worst moment actually was walking down the block at lunch, when I nearly pulled a Marilyn.

I think that there are two keys to riding with a really full skirt.
First and most importantly,  you have to really consciously think to yourself about what would happen if an untoward gust hit when you were in the middle of a maneuver that required both hands.  You have to commit to your safety being more important than modesty if it really comes down to it.   It's never happened to me, but the consequences of losing control because somebody might get an eyeful are not worth it.  If you're worried, wear shorter slimmer skirts, or shorts underneath.

All seriousness aside, the wind is actually your friend when riding with full skirts,  you want to trap a lapful of wind- which you can assist by the occasional hand pushing down at your knees.  This holds the skirt down where it's supposed to be,  and your forward momentum will keep it there.

Another citizen cyclist enjoying the sailboats


  1. It was nice to happen to cross your path yesterday morning.

  2. So cute! I love riding in skirts, but I always opt for the spandex shorts underneath. I'm too clumsy to deal with safety and a billowy skirt. ;-)

  3. My wrap dress was threatening immodesty this morning, but the wind is so warm and the day so beautiful that I wouldn't have cared. Luckily all went well.

  4. I keep thinking of my grandmother saying to my mother, "make sure you are wearing fresh undies!" and my grandfather saying disgustedly, "don't go getting the wind up your skirt now!",maybe it was a family joke I was to young to understand.
    Here in portland, we have women's rides that require men to wear skirts, or maybe dresses to ride along. Looking at these pictures I'm wondering what I'd look respectable in(well I'm not wearing heels!)

  5. My default is to wear bike shorts under a fuller skirt.

    Though the other day, I actually grabbed one of those big paperclips...the black kind used to clip a larger stack -- and clipped it to my hem, securing skirt front and back. Instant (and as important -- instantly reversable) "skort"! No billow-up and a 2 second fix.