Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Longfellow on the Longfellow

I noticed this street (or sidewalk) art right after the 4th, so I suspect it went in for the celebrations (the Longfellow bridge is a big place for watching the fireworks.)  I kept meaning to take pictures, but never had the time- mostly because I'd have to ride back on the sidewalk.  So today I made the time

 I actually memorized this poem when I was about 8.  My grandfather was the product of a one room schoolhouse on the Kansas prairie,  and the gifted and talented program of the day (when you had finished all the schoolbooks) was to memorize poems and literature.  Into his 70's he would quote great passages of Shakespeare.  This somehow translated into my Mom paying me a penny a line to memorize poems.  I'm afraid my tastes in those days ran to lengthly expositional poems.  Not much money to be made in Emily Dickenson.

And the money line:

They only painted the first stanza,  I remember it going on and on,  but this is a nice teaser.  And I like the light blue dots that accent the words.  Thanks Sidewalk Sam!

Speaking of light blue- I looked up to see this going by
I like how even the racks are baby blue.  

What a lovely day to be on a bike!

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