Saturday, July 3, 2010


Saw this outside my office (I think it might be owned by someone from the uber hip hair salon downstairs)

I love the Purple rim/ Orange tire combo.  If it were me, I'd be tempted to make both wheels that way.  Of course, I'm also hung up on symmetry, so that might be biased.

I don't recognize this headbadge- is it something I should know?  Anyone who knows more about fixies care to chime in?


  1. My theory: It probably belongs to a girl (Purple? Also, the small head tube and low seat post indicate a smaller height). The rear brake suggests that the rider sometimes uses a free-wheel. Of course, the rear wheel has a flip hub with (quite possibly) fixed- and free- cogs. Or maybe two free- with diff ratios, which I personally think is really cool.

    You should stakeout the area and let us know if the rider has a purple mohawk and wears a u-lock in the back pocket of underpants.

  2. That's a custom fixed gear from Big Shot Bikes. :)