Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saddle Skeleton

Saw this on the way back from Brunch:

Looks like a good way to get a nasty pinch in a sensitive place.

But badass looking.

I'm off to oil my saddle.....


  1. That looks like the skeleton of an original Terry saddle.

  2. I actually saw a guy ride a saddle like that. He said, "That's how the bike came."

    To my knowledge, he never had any children.

  3. yikes! hope that rider is wearing some thick pants!

    looks like a brooks frame, the kind used on the cheap vinyl brooks "upholstered" saddles that replaced the B72 leather saddles that came stock on raleigh sports up until the early 70s. sandwiched between the frame and the vinyl was a thin layer of foam rubber.

  4. It was actually a Hercules bike, in pretty bad shape. I think you're right Somervillain- it was a vinyl saddle missing the vinyl

  5. Hi there,

    Someone from Bike Forums pointed out your blog to me and said you have a DL1-1 or at least a rod brake bike too...Do you have a rear rack or a front basket attached to it? I'm having the hardest time trying to make my 78 DL-1 more errand running worthy...

    I have Velouria's blog but I'm trying to get more ideas too:)


  6. Great photos, thanks for your post, I just discovered your blog, but will be following it from now on. Cheers.