Monday, July 19, 2010

Livable Streets Block Party

I just read the fine print (after someone pointed it out to me).  The block party stuff is free.  Food/ drink and a raffle ticket are $15 if you are a member.  If you aren't a member and you join on Thursday, the party is free.  You can't  enjoy the food/ drink/ raffle unless you are a member.  In effect this means that if you are not a member, the food/drink/raffle is $50.    This is not how I personally would have set it up,  but I just wanted to let people know so that they don't just show up and are disappointed.

FYI  If you live in Boston, you should come to the Livable Streets Alliance 5th Anniversary block party Thursday night.
Livable Streets Alliance is a great organization that works for more pleasant urban environments for everyone- pedestrians, bicyclists, anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of life with a healthy street culture.  They do a lot of shoe leather advocacy- going to meetings, reading reports and project statements and making sure that people powered transportation is represented when decisions about infrastructure are being made. They were very influential in getting the Mass ave bike lanes pushed through,  worked hard on getting bike lanes put into the design of the Museum of science bridge re-build (over strong DCR objection- DCR thought the bikes should just ride on the sidewalk)  They're working hard to make sure that the Western Ave/ River Street bridges are reconstructed in a way such that not only are the bridges more bike and ped friendly, the intersections on either side don't feel like deathtrap no-mans lands.

This event is partly block party, partly fundraiser.  $15 gets you food, drink (probably harpoon- they're big bike event sponsors) and a raffle ticket.  They had one two years ago in conjunction with Cambridge Bicycle which was a lot of fun. This year it's closer to their offices,  and they're closing a street down for fun activities (last time there was bigwheel racing and a most enviable ride competition).  The prizes look awesome, the people are great- come out and have a good time with other folks who get around under their own steam!

More details here!


  1. I do hope you'll get some good shots for us.

  2. There's a bike lane on the Museum bridge now? I hadn't noticed. I keep riding over the sidewalk. Guess I should pay more attention next time. Fixing up the River st. bridge would be nice too, as would fixing up River Street.

  3. Moopheus

    I think that the Museum bridge is still under construction, but the plan is to have a bike lane going each way.

    The main issue at the River Street bridge is the cluster f*k intersection on the boston side, what with the pike exit, the pike overpass lanes, and the storrow traffic. I think that Cambridge has been taking some measures to traffic calm river street, and I know that they added a lane on Western ave I know the lane's there now, but there are hints that they have something more planned (boy wouldn't that be a fabulous place for a protected path?)