Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bike Lock

I guess if you're a bike cop, you have more than one way to lock your bike

Of course, you also probably don't have to worry too much about someone stealing your bike.


  1. is that a makeshift wheel lock?

    I like bike cops. I wish we had bike cops. That would be really cool

  2. how funny! now we just need to see a police bike with a basket full of doughnuts.

    i too wish there were more bike cops, but bike cops don't necessarily make good cyclists. i got stuck behind one in union square (a horrendously bike un-friendly section of somerville), and began counting all the no-no's, from riding on the sidewalk (illegal in major squares, with signs to remind you) to riding in the dark without a headlight/taillight, to not using hand signals. for shame, somerville bike cop.

  3. I found out that in Fort Worth there are bike cops and there are security guards dressed up like bike cops. The real ones ride and act profesionally. The others. - like they are clueless. Perhaps it's the same elsewhere.