Thursday, March 11, 2010

A mystery solved

Can you see the difference between the two chain cases?

As I mentioned in my recent post on Minerva, I have been struggling to get the chain case to fit.
However, a full chain case is such an important factor to me in the utility of a bike that I went ahead and ordered one for the new bike in the smaller size designed for 26" wheels.  While I was ordering it, the gentleman at Yellow Jersey bikes in Madison was very helpful and offered lots of suggestions on fitting the other case on Minerva.

The new chaincase arrived today, and I happened to have the other one at work, I took a look to see how they were different,  and guess what!  THEY'RE THE SAME!   That's why I've not been able to fit the guard I had on Minerva.-it's way too short!

The guy at YG sounded very embarrassed and said he'd send me a new 28" one immediately, and he'd figure out a way for me to get the other one back to him later (hopefully without my having to pay shipping again).  I'm glad that I figured it out- although I'm a bit sad that I won't be able to send both of them out to be powder coated this weekend.
Funny how things work out sometimes


  1. HA! i KNEW it!!! didn't i say i thought that chaincase was for a 26" DL1??? ;-)

    but thankfully, the mystery is solved!! good to know that YJ owned up to their mistake. best of all, now you will have chaincases for both your bikes! yay!

    if our powdercoating guy gets my frame done shortly and you don't mind waiting till then, i can drop the chaincases off when i pick it up.

  2. Oh no!! Argh! Well, indeed - at least the mystery is solved. Hopefully once they send the correct size it will fit without problems.