Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last light on the river

Despite the time change, things have been so busy at work that I'm barely making it home before dark.
It was enough before dark that I could ride along the river, and enjoy the last rays of sunlights reflected off the Boston skyline.

I've had a hard time getting on the bike mornings this week.  I'm either having a bit of a relapse of my old cold, or a new, milder cold.  The weather too has relapsed a bit, with more chilly rain, and a couple of cold damp mornings.   The dampness at least holds the promise of more spring to come-
and my little front garden is trying to get into the spirit with daffodils, and the first new buds of Sedum peeking out from autumn's dead leaves.

I was heartened that despite the possibly icky forecast two days this week, we had 100% ridership (of the three of us in my office who bike commute.  I think after all the icky snow and cold, it takes more than a little chill to stop us. 
This is the first year that I've biked through the whole winter,  and while it's been good,  I feel more tired of it than I have in years past, when spring was a chance to leap back into it.  Maybe that's the cold (medical and environmental) speaking, and I'l rally once I'm healthy and the weather is lovely again.

Edited- Interestingly, all three of us who bike to work- ended up meeting in the last couple of blocks from work this morning-  it was nicer today than yesterday, and I hope to get home before the last light so that I can enjoy the evening a bit!

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  1. Boston is one of those cities that has great natural beauty. San Francisco and Seattle are two others. Cherish it.