Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm Alive

But just barely.  Sorry for the delay in posting- caught a nasty upper respiratory bug that knocked me on my posterior for a week straight.  My voice is still AWOL  (called my mom today and it took her a minute to recognize me, even though my first words were "Hi Mom")!

Anyway,  lots of bike news, including picking up my newly powder-coated project, code named Rudy for the moment,  news on the Dl-1, and lots more.

Unfortunately the Oscars sucked me in and it's too late for a lengthy post.
Two photos from my first bike trip in a week:

One, outside Cambridge Bicycles, in the tradition of delivery vehicles with talismanic stuffed animals pinioned on the grill:
And by 1369 (Central)  a Fairey-esq  Obama tube badge:

Sorry the picture isn't better- snapped it at a red light without stopping.

I managed to bike to Kendall and to Trader Joe's and I only had to stop to cough up a lung once!
I might even make it to work via bike tomorrow!

Pictures of projects tomorrow, I promise!

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